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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Ultimate Travel Toy

I’ve just got hold of the ultimate travel toy for the trip one of these little babys:

Sals friends were over in New York for mid term and one of them bought it. Saved me roughly €100 on buying it here. I also bought a thing called an iTrip, which connects to it and turns it into a mini fm radio station (illegal in Ireland BTW). Very handy for use in the car and playing songs through a stereo at home, no wiring it up, just pop on the iTrip and tune in the radio. For any one interested, the best frequency to use in the Dublin region is 88.8, its very clear.

I going to be able to put all our music and all the music gathered over the years at the office on it and still have room to use it like a portable hard drive.

You got to hand it to the Apple designers they really take design seriously. Even the way it was packaged is very well thought out. I reakon its a design classic allready.

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