I'm not the author Alan Glynn (click here for him) but fully recommend his novels Winterland & Darkfields

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chatter Box


  1. Alan Glynn11:03 AM

    Alan, great clip. Thanks for keeping my book The Dark Fields on your page for so long. I have a new book out called Winterland and I'd be happy to send you a signed copy if you tell me where to send it. I'm a techno-dolt, so this is the only way I can find of contacting you. Happy new year.

  2. Hi Alan, Happy New Year to you too. This is weird writing to my name sake on my own blog! I'd be absolutely delighted if you could send me a signed copy of Winterland but I've no way of contacting you to give you my postal address. If you email me at alanglynn at gmail dot com I'll can send it on to you.Many thanks,