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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Sunny Sydney

We arrived in Sydney from Fiji expecting some restbite from the heat only to arrive on the hottest October day in 150 years. It was 37C! Not the nicest weather to be running around trying to get stuff sorted. Thank God that was a one off and the heat has abated to the mid twenties.

We got ourselves a very swanky pad in the city centre. Fully furnished which right down to a selection of DVD's for the DVD player which isn't the norm here most pads come unfurnished but we're not complaining. Its got that show house look about it plus it has a gym and swimming pool. We're sharing with Derek a Corkonian we meet in Russell NZ.

All we need now are jobs to pay for it all. I should be able to find some contract work easily enough, well, so everyone keeps telling me. Sal has it a bit harder. She has to get approved before she can teach and that can take a bit of time. She's a bit apprehensive about what she'll end up doing till then and doesn't really want to be doing nothing!

So far so good, it been quite a soft landing a lot of it due to Colin and Claire help and connections.

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