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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

When it rains it pours

Well last week was postitively miserable here. It rained all week and when it rains here it tens to rain! Everyone we met keep joking that we'd brought the Irish weather with us. We weren't finding it funny, we were feeling pretty down, the job hunting wasn't going to well and we couldn't even go outside. We even sat in over the weekend to conserver our precious euro.

With a break in the weather on Monday we also had a break on the job front. Sal has started in a salad bar across the road from the apartment. It looks like a quiet little cafe from the outside but its turned out to be one of the busiest in Sydney. It's not her ideal job and its very hard work but she's just glad to get working.

I've a couple of job interviews tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll get sorted by the weekend. This weekend is a mini Heriot Watt Civ Eng reunion in the Coogee beach Hotel, Colin, Chris Cuthbert, Big Willy Dorethy, Kenneth Anderson and Me. It should be a laugh hopefully I'll have a new job to celebrate too.

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  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hi guys from mary hyland in clane , i hear you are experiencing bad weather down there, well the monsoon season has started here in ireland, Cork city, waterford city, wexford town and clonmel town all flooded, if it doesnt stop soon we will have to start building a new ARK.
    All in balgaddy are fine considering we are going through a new ice age up there!!!! i am sure trisha has filled you in on the gory details.
    hope all is well with you both enjoyed reading your updates love mary ;)