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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Christmas Time

What are the odds of a cold overcast Christmas in Oz and a white Christmas at home. We braved the beach anyway just because it had to be done. The amount of nutters in the water was amazing but apparently it was warmer in the water than out of it. We braved the cold for a few hours,had a few beers and turkey sambo's and then went home put the feet up watched some movies with a couple of ports. A very different Christmas day I must say. The hole holiday season here less of a drink induced haze as it is back home so my liver must be loving it.

We went down to the Rocks on New Years Eve and then on to the harbor bridge for the fireworks which were a bit poor in my mind. We were right beside the bridge thinking it would be the focal point of them but it barely had more than a few minutes worth. I've seen better in Edinburgh. A lot of people were giving out about them. Good night otherwise. Finished it off in a Belgian bar.

After that we had two weeks off, We only went back to work on the 10th. We spent the rest of the time doing some well needed touristy stuff. Like the zoo, the beach and we spent a couple of days down the south coast which was nice. We borrowed Sal's bosses car and drove a couple of hundred km down the coast to Kiama and Jervis Bay. All in all a very chilled Christmas which was a welcome change.

things are going well on the Job front my contract has been extended by a month and Sal's cafe have hired a few more people so it's not as manic as it used to be.

Sal's folk's and my Mum are coming over in February/March and we're really looking forward to seeing them.

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