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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Moonlight Cinema

The Moonlight Cinema is an outdoor cinema in Sydney’s Centennial park and its such a good idea. Basically you rock up with your picnic at about seven and the film starts when the sun sets around nine. So you have all the Aussies who are totally prepared with four course picnics, champagne, pillows, duvets, bean bags and deck chairs and then there was us with measly towels and bar of chocolate. We went to see The Goonies, which I wasn’t looking forward to but it turned out to be such a laugh. Everyone there was in their late twenties so it was a real step back into childhood watching it again. Lots of crowd participation some much so a guy streaked. Not often you see that at the cinema. Really good night except for a bat shat on us but hey how lucky must that be!

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