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Monday, May 09, 2005

Fond Farewell Sydney

'As the sun sets slowly in the west we bid you a fond farewell' Sydney and those of you left behind. We're back on the road again and it's with mixed emotions but one thing we don't have mixed emotions is the weather. It's been pissing it down since we left Brisbane on Sunday. Noosa was a total wash out. I don't mean the odd shower it's been a constant tropical downpour since we arrived at noon yesterday. Apparently it's been raining there solidly for last three days. It was impossible to do anything so we decided to try and travel our way out of it and left Noosa a day early. Which is a shame as Noosa looks like an amazing little town. So today we spent five hours on bus watching the rain lash the windows until we got to Hervey bay which is a bit drier but not for much longer so we've made the sad decision to pull the pin on the camping on Fraser Island which would be tortuous in the rain. I don't think Hervey Bay has much to offer other than Fraser Island but, hey, we'll soon find out! The weather better get better for the Whitsundays....

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