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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Solway Lass - Whitsunday Island

Well, after what seemed like an eternity of rain we finally got some absolute glorious sunshine for a three day cruise around the Whitsunday Islands on board the Solway Lass, a hundred year old tall ship.

Solway Lass

There was about 30 on board including five crew. It was a truly excellence experience. We ate like kings, snorkeled, sun bathed on deck, swung from ropes and all in the company of some great people. We even had a film crew come on board film us for a travel show on the last day.

The seas were like glass for the whole trip except for about two hours on the last day when out of no where a mini storm rolled in which was really exciting and we got to do some proper sailing in torrential rain and driving winds. One minute all the girls were sunbathing in bikinis the next it's lashing it down and blowing a gale. And as sudden as it started it all ended. Two hours later its back to calm and sunny again.

Back on land we all headed out on the piss which was a great way to end a great trip and say good by to a motley crew.

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