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Monday, June 21, 2004

Packed Up

I bought a rucksack/backpack at the weekend. €€135 for a 60ltr Berghaus Silhouette. It's a travel pack rather than a hicking pack, with a large front loading zip for easy access to the contents. It also has a shoulder strap cover, useful to save the straps for baggage handler death. It comes with a i-trak tracking system which just seems to be a glorified address label, but heh it was free so complaining. It's also got one of those detachable day packs which I thought I wouldn't want but reckon it could be handy esp. when you can't or don't want to bring the larger pack with you.

Sally opted for a similar design but by a lesser known brand and at half the price it'll be interesting to see if lasts. Sal's is a 70ltrer which I think is big but its better than the 100ltr wheelie one she initially wanted. At least if I end up carrying her pack its not going to be massively different to mine. Phew ;-P

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