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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Freeway Driving in California

Freeway driving was an mad experience. We covered 900 miles with the radio stations constantly disappearing off the dial not that they are up to much unless you like "soft rock", thankfully we had the ipod.

The US drivers just love open road and it doesn't matter what lane that open road is in or what speed the traffic is going. Several times I'd have cars passing me on the inside and outside. This is fine and I got used to it but what I found astonishing was when you are on a two lane freeway and in a long line of traffic in the outside lane about to pass a truck. Cars will race up the inside lane (open road) right up to the truck and then shoulder their way into the fast lane. This happened time and time again. You are driving at 70 and these cars mussel in causing everyone is forced to brake. To make it worse all the cars in the line drive as close to each other as possible to stop the guys on the inside barging in.

I just left huge caps between me and the car in front and this was like Christmas to the other drivers they just lapped up any free road space even if only going a 5mph.

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