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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


We're just settling into Queenstown life. It was a jaw dropping experience getting off the plane. The scenery is amazing and so was the temperature (0 degrees). Queenstown is a class little town. Every house has an amazing view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

After the overnight flights ( LA - Auckland - Chrishchurch - Queenstown) we were like zombies and the whole thought of organizing ourselves seemed so overwhelmingly. It's the usual, everyone seems to know what they are at except us. The hostel, Hippo Lodge is class, its a series of small lodges each with its own lounge and kitchen. Ours is called the Honeymoon House as its full of double rooms and we're even sharing with an English couple of who are on honeymoon. They are really cool but so fecking organised compared to us. We were just blinded by their organisation. This morning, 7am, they were running around getting a packed lunch together,wraps with honey and lime hot drink for up the mountain, while we just bumped into each other sleepily trying to make jam on toast.

the view of queenstown from hostel room

So with some sleep replenishment today we got ourselves as organised as only Alan and Sally can be and booked ONE day's snowboarding, which we are pretty proud of. One day at a time and all that. The plan is to see if we like the boarding before booking a few days otherwise we'll just ski.

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