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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Survived Yosemite

We went from 4 star luxury in LA to -4 star in Yosemite, but we surived and really enjoyed it by the end. The scenery was amazing, photos here in a while. We bit off more than we could chew, by being scabby we took a one way bus trip to the top of the valley and decided to walk down the "four mile" trail. It should be called the "four hour" trail. It was 30C so so steep. Fair dues to Sal who did it all in her flip flops and a mini, every one else had hiking gear.

Just arrived in San Fran, we got lost on the way in doing so saw a good bit (one hours worth) of the back streets. It's looking good, just going to head out and explore now. American leg of the trip coming to an end, we are really really astounded by how hospitable and friendly the yanks are. For all the complaining we do about them, the Irish welcome isn't a scratch on the American one we experienced.

Hi Uncle Sean, we really miss you and you look French! ( You can lodge that cash now) - Sal

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