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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

East Coast of North Island

After a good night out in Wellington, we made our way northwards to a nice and chilled campsite in Palmerstown North. We didn't do much here except chill and went for a swim and a long spa. Hastings and Napier next. Not much to report except the wonderful National Aquarium in Napier which was well worth the visit.

We wild camped on the seafront of a very small city called Gisbourne, where Cook first landed on New Zealand. This was a cute wee town but like so many towns in NZ it was a virtual ghost town after dark. We went to see The Village in the local multiplex on the main st. It was run by a friendly old lady, who seemed to own half the town and kept a Doberman behind her desk (she tried to get Sal to pet it - no chance, this was scarier than the film for Sal) and listens to the police scanner for entertainment. Needless to say we were two of four people watching the film which made it all the more scary. We then had to head back to our lonesome camper beside the sea. Aaaah.

We survived and the sun came out the next day. We went for a walk on the fab beach, had a Home and Away moment and then played some tennis.

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