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Monday, September 20, 2004

Smellyville (Rotorua)

We smelt Rotorua before we got there. Its the thermal capital of NZ and has lots of hot springs, bubbling mud pools and geysers every thing you'd expect for a volcanic area plus the smell of rotten eggs. The first thing we did was have a well earned spa and massage. For about 30 euro you get an hour in outdoor hotpools (36-40 degrees) then a half hour massage or a facial which Sal went for. Then back into the hotpools. It was total luxury for the price and they treat you like royalty.

As it was the weekend we hit the town expecting a lively nightlife being such a tourist town but yet again bar a couple of pubs it was very quite. We met some NZ guys in the Pig and Whistle Pub which was a good laugh.

There is so much to do around Rotorua if you can afford it, I ended up doing a Zorb, just for the sheer "you can't do it anywhere else" of it. We wanted to do a dry Zorb which is getting strapped into a huge plastic ball and rolling down a hill but they were only doing wet ones which is when they throw a couple of buckets of water into the ball with you. Normally the water is luke warm but some Swedish asked for cold water. Needless to say I had a warm one. It was a good laugh.

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