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Friday, September 03, 2004

West Coast - Rainforests and Glaciers

We eventually left the Queenstown region and crossed the Alps into the West Coast and what a difference a mountain range makes! Its about a couple of degrees hotter which is heavenly after the cold and wet of our last day in Queenstown plus we've being traveling trough the most amazing rainforest covered valleys. Which is yet another country NZ now looks like. So far NZ looks like Canada, Ireland, and now Brazil!! (Mind you we haven't being to Brazil or Canada so its just what our we think they might look like)

Stayed in Haast last night,in a very nice hostel(Wilderness Backpackers, very clean and friendly if a bit unhomely).We went for a walk on what must be a ten mile long deserted beach watched the sun set over the Tasman Sea, which mightn't sound much but we haven't seen the sun set since we got here, there has always been a mountain in the way.

In Franz Josef tonight (Glow Worm Hostel,absolutely brilliant,very cosy,free soup and spa.) An eight hour round glacier climb in the morning!!! Hope we'll survive. We'd a hot spa tonight soften up those muscles before the climb ;-)

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